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FAQ for Homeschooling & Private Tutoring


Is Teaching of The Fundamental of Algebra to Young Students (TFAYS) suitable for  Homeschooling?


TFAYS is best suitable for Homeschooling where parents or teachers have more opportunities to engage students directly.  First time learners benefit the most. They respond to the mathematical and logical sequences of TFAYS, benefit from the smaller class size and learn et a faster pace. 


How to implement TFAYS to our Homeschooling?


Parents having math background can attend our workshop for parents and get certified.  We provide contents and guidance for parents to teach TFAYS.


Parents that don't have Math background can use use our mentoring service.


What kind of supports Homeschooling gets?


TFAYS creates contents, delivers updates to parents so young students gets the most out of the Algebra teaching and learning experience.


Can I modify TFAYS?


The short answer is no. TFAYS exists because most students experience math anxiety, dislike algebra or they are not learning from other methods. TFAYS is a proven method and should be kept the way it is. Altering it creates uneccessary confusions to students. However Countonme is always looking for improvement and will review any proposals intended to make it better.


How much does it cost?


Countonme offers various package to accomodate each homeschooling needs. Contact us for your specific needs.


I am a college student majoring in math, can I teach TFAYS?


After certification, a  2nd year students majoring in math or Engineering can teach TFAYS. There are various options to be part of Countonme


How does TFAYS tutoring works?


In their private times, TFAYS certified teachers can provide tutoring services to other students via Countonme elearning portal. It is also a great opportunity for college students, teachers or professionals having math education background to earn income by providing a premium tutorial service for struggling math students. The service is about helping students build a solid math foundation and not about assisting them with math homeworks.

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