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Solution: Algebra Reborn

Basic Building Blocks that a 3rd grade student uses to learn algebra

Algebra Reborn is designed to assure the success of teaching and learning algebra via practical demonstrations and practices. Instead of taking young students to the algebra world, Algebra Reborn brings algebra to their world in a meaningful way and focuses on reasoning rather than memorization. The CFMEF makes the abstractness of algebra obsolete allowing young students to master the principles of algebra. The CFMEF nurtures students with algebraic knowledge and guides them to develop analytical skills to solve problems.


Key features of the child-Friendly Math Education framework:


  •     Adapt algebra to young students' environment

  •     Use visual stories, animations, and vocabularies to trigger the              thinking process

  •     Emphasize on reasoning and dismiss memorization

  •     Implement procedural guide for solving algebra problems

  •     Introduce algebraic tools to solve equations

  •     Execute algebraic tasks using scaffolding techniques

  •     Provide unique and interactive worksheets to enhance the learning      process

  •     Require low prerequisite such as 3rd-grade student knowledge level

  •     Allow students to move ahead and progress at their own pace

  •     Demonstrate measurable results in due time


The CFMEF is flexible and can complement any existing Mathematics platforms. It is the last piece of the puzzle that makes algebra comprehensible to students. It achieves the best results for first-time learners regardless of age, race and socioeconomic status. The CFMEF is equally great as a prevention program for struggling students, an intervention program for "at-risk" students, and a rescue program for "disconnected" students.


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