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The consequences of a False start in teaching and learning Algebra

Infographic: use data on

Psychological damage:

Experience early failures

Make students hate Algebra Dislike school

Incurr tutoring cost to learn an uninteresting Algebra subject

Struggle all the way to college

Limite field of interest

Educational failure:

Take years to teach and still deliver no results

increase cost for remedial coursses (pay college fees for secondary school program)

Increase drop out rate

provide no opportunities

Blaming games:

parents blame elementary schools and teachers

teachers blame parent for not participating

Middle school blames elementary school

Highschool blames middle school

college blames higschools

Employers blames college

parent blame the education

No ones is accountable

Kids are the victims and hold the bag

Economic disavantage:

Increase intervention cost (Title I and SES)

Produce low end opportunities due to the lack of talents pool

Become less competitive in the global economy

national security/

TFAY Solve all the above problem for a fraction of the overall cost


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