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The shortcoming of Math Apps

The benefit of Technology such as tablets

Reach all senses thus capable of illustrate abstract concept

Students response to stimulation and are willing to participate

Data facility class management and personalize curriculum

The problem with Digital platform (games base) Students respond to stimulation mechanically

Students still don;t know the principles

When the input changes they are confused

- Activities lack of purpose, for instance performing 50 additions or substractions, games and puzzles or meaningless words problems. Besides practicing, there are no value in advancing the learning process.

-Activities look like math but are not math. No context.

Need Transition from Knowledge phase to Application phase

Required Analytical skill, meaning answer the why question

Thus design curriculum that present a concept or poupose

Still need to know the purpose (What to do with technology) Compared to GPS, need to know the destination or it is useless...A fish is useless to climb trree (Einstein)


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