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A CFMEF certified trainer assists K-8 teachers to introduce the new approach of the "Child Freindly Math Education Framework (CFMEF)". Middle school teachers will discover a child perspective approach to instruct math/ algebra lessons. Students will experience a new way to learn math/ algebra.
As a flexible program, it can be integrated into a normal math education schedule or implemented as an intervention program or after school program.

Math/ Algebra Intervention Program

  • Most students develop math anxiety in middle schools and disengage algebra af 8th grade. This intervention math/ algebra program re-introduces algebra as a practical, rewarding, and stress free subject. Struggling students will re-gain their confidence and succeed in learning math/ algebra.
    Schools can assign 1 instructor to serve up to 7 groups of students for this math/ algebra pilot program.
    Schools are encouraged to select at risk math students for this program.

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