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Investment opportunity:


Mathematics is one of the tools that will allow us to solve big problems. For decades if not centuries it has been seen as a hard subject reserved for gifted students. Most students have experienced Math anxiety, algebraic nightmares and most importantly they are restricted to pursuit more lucrative careers opportunity in Science and Techonlogy. Simply put, although Math education is available for all, only a small elite group is able to acquire it.


Parents, educators and policymakers agree that Math education is broken, and it needs to be fixed. At the present time, about 75% of K-12 students are under achieveing in Math and only 10% are STEM ready. Students have three choices:


          1. Drop out from school

          2. Settle for a less desired major that requires no Math

          3. Repeat Algebra in College at higher cost for the sake of obtaining the needed credits 


Our team successfully cracks the code of teaching and learning Algebra. We can offer a brighter and cost effective option.


We are creating the most effective and best Algebra platform for our connected world where  every young student has a chance to succeed in Math and discover endless opportunity in life.


Three years ago, we challenged ourselves to take on the humiliation and surrender of learning Algebra. Cooperating with parents and children, from our kitchen table to the local library we’ve developed, tested and refined our method, and as challenged we've got the upper hand.  


Attending lecture in class and doing meaningless homework without assistance are now things of the past.

Exploring contents anywhere and applying concepts with adequate guidance in class are the new norm.


Our approach is taking Algebra to students instead of bringing them to Algebra. Our results are promising, and finally every student has the chance to master the mysterious subject of Algebra as easy as counting 1, 2, 3.


We are proud of beating the odd, but still only a small group of young students get the benefit.

We are just a team of two unconventional Engineers lacking of resources to scale this solution for the mass. We can’t do it alone and we need your help.


As we enter a new era of technology and global economy, we need to level up our broken Math education approach in order to compete. But our newly developed method of teaching Math will put us back on track. The demand for useful and successful product in STEM is high, and the opportunity is limitless.


Our solution can lift the USA Math proficiency level to that of Canada or Korea, and according to a Harvard University study, the US GDP would growth about 1.1% or 1 Trillion dollars annually.


Lastly, our solution is robust and flexible. It can be implemented in developed countries with state of the art educational technology or in third world countries without using technology and simply relying on the instructor, a black board, pencil and paper. In both cases, students will receive the same quality trainning from trained instructors.

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