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Algebra crisis

25 million kids (US child stats 2014) struggle in learning algebra, and 25 million more kids will learn it in the coming years. The gloomy and alarming trend that has been enduring for decades will continue to burden our children in the ever challenging global economy. Despite existing methodologies and new education technology, the majority or about 75% of them underperform, and thus prompt us to wonder whether 37.5 million kids in the USA are inept in math and science or the teaching methods are ineffective. We believe that 37.5 million kids can't go wrong, and suspect that the existing methods of teaching algebra are inadequate. We challenge ourselves to defeat the surrender and humiliation of learning algebra.

USA ranks below average and is uncompetitive Vs. developed countries.

Update: 2015 data shows no improvement

A random headlines about algebra: An algebraic epidemic

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