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Startup is about the next generation of math/ algebra education (K-8)

Algebra: Gatekeeper for STEM careers

View/ download brochure solves America's mathematics education problem. 


Our mission is to transform algebra, the gatekeeper subject into Algebra Reborn,

the opportunity portal that teaches algebraic knowledge and skills to young students. is bringing Algebra Reborn to students instead of taking them to algebra.


Child Friendly Math Education Framework (CFMEF)


We believe that young students are cognitively and intellectually developed to learn the principles of algebra. If properly instructed, most if not all students will be able to comprehend, learn, and excel in algebra.


To reach this objective, we develop the Child-Friendly Math Education Framework (CFMEF). It consists of:

                      The excellence of comprehensible and practical curriculum.

                      The excellence of math/ algebra instructions.

                      The adequacy of infrastructure and logistics in math education.  


The CMEF is designed from the learners' perspective. It is an adaptive and self-pace learning method that consists of tapping into the student's cumulative and general knowledge. The learning pace is determined by the student's curiosity and motivation. 


In our preliminary study, young students from various backgrounds have successfully learned algebra in the CFMEF.

Story: Struggling journey to overcoming weakness

Vangyi Chongtoua: The Algebra Whisperer         


I was born and raised in Laos, South East Asia during a period of ideological struggle, turmoil, and war. As a child, I did not have a chance to access formal education. When I had the opportunity to attend school in France for the first time in 1976, I had already lost those precious and early learning years. I started school with a deficit and struggled in learning all subjects, especially language and mathematics. I was lost in the algebra world, but then one special teacher showed me the right way to learn algebra. The early success in algebra motivated and inspired me to overcome the lost years of my education. Algebra has been the learning instrument that opened the door and allowed me to become an electrical engineer, entrepreneur, and patent holder. 

Then, I've discovered that my children were experiencing the same hardship in math education. They have tried to do math homework that they did not understand. I shared their struggles and frustrations. I had to provide them better tools, and thus I’ve developed my method of teaching and learning algebra to young students. After conducting private and public beta testings, the new method has shown encouraging results. I want to share this approach with the world.

Phoumaly Chongtoua: Curriculum developer


Phoumaly also studied algebra in France. Mastering algebra allowed him to pursue higher education. He is a Mechanical Engineer and holds a master's degree in Mechanical engineering. He sets a solid foundation from the start and transfers his knowledge to his son and daughters who are outstanding students. They excel in all disciplines including math and science. We complement each other skills in various business ventures, and together we combine our knowledge and practical experiences to develop the Child-Friendly Math Education Framework (CFMEF).

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